As we begin to do our part to combat Covid-19 we ask our customers follow the listed guidelines when using the facility.

1)  Have each player bring their own source of hydration and playing equipment. Whether it'd be your own water bottle, energy drink, sportswear, training equipment, etc. We advise not to share and keep your individual items to yourself.​

​2)  Remind players to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing and wipe sweat with your own towel as much as possible. This will prevent the spread of bacteria in the air as much as possible.


​3)  Follow the standard sanitation guidelines put forth by government. This includes washing your hands frequently with soap and water, utilizing hand sanitizer when available, and wearing a mask if a large crowd is present.

4)  Stay home if you are feeling any sort of flu-like symptoms or are uncomfortable playing in organized activities. It is not worth putting others lives in danger and we advice to contact your healthcare provider if symptoms continue.

5)  Notify us immediately if anyone in your group happens to contract Covid-19 and played at the Rec Center within the last week.